More than just translations


About me

My first job after graduating from Kassel University was with Lufthansa German Airlines. That was when I fell in love with Argentina. I packed my bags and went to live and work there. Buenos Aires is amazing and I am glad I had the chance to experience the life on a different continent. I even learned to paraglide!

I had a passion for languages and literature all adult life, and living and working in a country where no German was spoken deepened this passion.

Back in Germany, I decided to use my language and cultural skills to bridge gaps between people and countries by working as a translator.

I love gaming, so naturally, this is one of the fields I am specialising in. Using words to create worlds of phantasy, fun, action or adventure is deeply satisfying. Knowing my translations help a game to become a success is something I find incredibly rewarding.

I love my dog, a Romanian stray named Vincent. He is my office partner and furry hot water bottle on cold German winter mornings. He inspired me to volunteer in many ways to support Romanian Woofers Need You, a British organisation that helps homeless dogs like him.

And how do we support them? Well, how about a virtual guided tour of our hometown Kassel?